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The Academy

Ethiopian Schools for the Poor - English Alive is a registered UK charity (registration no.1140681) which supports the work of English Alive to provide high quality education to the needy. We currently operate three school campuses in Adama, Ethiopia, providing education to over 200 pupils aged between 2 and 14 years. Anyone can come to learn at EAA for a set fee, however all students are subsidized through the charity on a sliding scale dependent on their current family situation.

Our vision at the English Alive Academy (EAA) is to become a leading educational establishment in Ethiopia.

~The Founders~
Stephanie & Dawit

Stephanie met Dawit whilst working as a teacher at an international school in Addis Ababa. He was the Ethiopian driver for a little girl in Stephanie's class. They shared an immediate bond and the love of children. As Stephanie continued to teach at the international school, her frustration at the educational inequity in Ethiopia took its toll. "I could see clearly how the poor kids didn't have a chance. It seemed cruel that money was dictating their opportunity for a decent education", she said. 

Using their own funds, Stephanie and Dawit rented space in a school after hours. Called the British Language School, it met twice a week for two and a half hours for sixteen pupils. This school morphed into the full-time English Alive Academy in Addis Ababa for pupils aged three to five. Thirty two poor children, who had no chance for a decent education otherwise, now had access to a good education and the foundation for a bright future. The children were exposed to a new kind of teaching for Ethiopia, one that encouraged exploration, analysis, and creativity instead of rote memorization.

In order to reach more rural children, they made the move to Adama, a township with very few options for education. Starting with a small Kindergarten, they expanded to take on grade pupils and eventually an additional campus. They continue their work at the English Alive Academy today.

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Our Location

Adama, also known as Nazret or Nazreth, is a city in central Ethiopia and the previous capital of the Oromia Region.
The city is situated along the road that connects Addis Ababa with Dire Dawa. Wikipedia

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donation and support options

Sponsor a Child

Sponsorship covers school fees for the whole year, a uniform, stationary and exercise books for the year as well as a full set of textbooks. 

Sponsors have two choices when sponsoring a child. Full sponsorship means the donation is £210 / US $300 per year (for other currencies visit Alternatively, you can choose to donate £17.50 / US $25 monthly. In both cases you will get the same information, letters and updates from the school – there is no difference in the level of contact either way.

Child Sponsorship FAQ's Download

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Yearly Sponsorship

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Monthly Sponsorship

Sponsor a Teacher

To ensure an exceptional standard of education for our students, we have sought qualified teachers and teacher assistants from the local community. Sponsorship of a teacher covers the teachers wage, teaching gown and stationary for a whole year, as well as covering teacher training costs.

Sponsors have two choices when sponsoring a teacher. Full sponsorship means the donation is £420 / US $676 per year (for other currencies visit If you choose this option, you will be the sole sponsor of one teacher. For half sponsorship, the donation is £210 / US $338 per year and the sponsor will share one teacher’s sponsorship with another sponsor who the school will find.

Teacher Sponsorship FAQ's Download

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Full Sponsorship

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Half Sponsorship

Remember us in Your Will

You can leave your legacy with English Alive Academy by donating to us through your Will. Speak to a solicitor to calculate the value of your estate. Please contact us and let us know the details. Your legacy will live on through the children we assist everyday.



We offer a flexible volunteering program which is explained in our EAA Volunteer booklet. Please contact us if you would like to volunteer.

EAA Volunteer Booklet Download



Help us by running a fundraising event, which is something you can do from your own home or community. Any amount you can raise helps us to buy all the things we need to run the schools and purchase resources to enrich learning.

Please contact us if you would like to run a fundraising event.


Day Visits

If you are in Ethiopia, why not visit Nazret to find out what EAA is all about. The children love having special guests!

Please contact us if you would like to visit us for the day.


We would like to express our gratitude to all those who have donated to, volunteered for and supported the English Alive Academy.

Thank You

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Our Store

By shopping at our online store you will support our efforts to purchase new learning materials for the children, and you will find some great products for you!

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Keep in touch!

Contact Us in the UK

Please send general enquiries to:
David Mills
5 Westbourne Street, Hove, East Sussex. BN 3 5PE
(01273) 730977

Contact Us in Ethiopia

Dawit Hailu
PO Box 170222, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Stephanie: +251 912082161
Visitor Coordinator: (Dawit) +251 911687059

From within Ethiopia, please use the following phone numbers:

Stephanie: 0912082161
Visitor Coordinator: (Dawit) 0911687059

Email Us

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There are many ways that you can help.
From purchasing equipment and making dontations to visiting the school, you can make a difference.

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